After twenty-five years as a missionary, Linda Jane is now entering a new ministry role as pastor’s wife; where she will serve alongside of her husband Joel, in Warren, Pennsylvania. The calling to serve Christ remains the same, as does her endeavor to reach women with the gospel message, and to teach them to live authentically out of who God created them to be. Linda's passion is communication through the spoken and written word, photography and illustration. She loves all things cultural, creative and colorful.

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    The Incomparable God: Part Two

    Rehearsing the Greatness of the Incomparable God  I couldn’t believe it. I had lost the diamond in my wedding ring, yet again. Yet this time, not only was my diamond missing, but the entire setting! After getting over my deep dismay I cried out to God. “God, you care about the smallest things that concern me. You see my diamond right now. Please, help me find it!”  The Incomparable God is intimately acquainted with me  The Incomparable God is intimately acquainted with His creation. He cares about what we are concerned about. I have been able to rediscover this truth, time and time again. In the course of three days,…

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    The Incomparable God

      The Incomparable God Part One: Recognizing the Incomparable God  After three international flights, and just as many layovers, I had lost track of how many hours it had been since my husband and I had left Ninoy Aquino International Airport in Manila, Philippines. Just hours earlier we had sold our last piece of furniture, and now were rounding the globe towards a new beginning. Tears were crusted on my flushed cheeks revealing a hard ending to eight years of ministry among expat co-workers and our beloved Filipino’s. “Why are good-byes so hard?” I thought to myself, still feeling a pang of wanting to turn the plane around and return…

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    The Broken Bless

      Over the past seven years I have found myself bruised, broken, torn, bewildered, lonely, facing no answer to medical concerns, blanketed with the weight of depression, laying in a hospital bed undergoing back surgery in a foreign country, bombarded with panic attacks, gaining weight despite a healthful diet plan and 2 hour work-outs at the gym, getting the news that my mother had a heart attack and I was too far away to hold her hand or be present by her hospital bed, hearing the news that my son would not be released from prison- yet again, watching my husband bear the load of watching me have seizures on…

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    The Conversation Connection

    As my husband and I sat in a local coffee shop, we began a conversation with a young business man. The emblem on his shirt causing us to wonder what his line of work was. Just one, simple, inquisitive question opened the door for a fascinating conversation in which we learned that he was a financial planner who loved Jesus and used his line of work to represent Christ to those in his sphere of influence. A friendly conversation took off from there as we sat on common spiritual ground. His passion rose to the surface as he expressed that he had been coming to the realization that often what…

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    Selah: Pause and Reflect

      The evening had cooled from the heat of the Florida sun. With butterfly kite in hand, the anticipation of my three-year old granddaughter was evident on her face. Her chubby bare feet sunk into the plush, carpet of grass as the evenings breeze caught beneath her riot of curls. Perfect kite weather! As Daddy and Papa prepared the kite-string she watched with eager anticipation; with Mama and Crème ready with phones to capture the experience.  (*Crème is her sweet name for me- pronounced Cream.) Moments later, we watched as she ran with wild-abandon through the now dew-covered grass. Clear delight and determination showing on her face. String in hand.…

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    Sheets Set Sail

    Sheets set sail                                                                                                 in springs early morn Soaring, snapping with the rhythm of the wind Playfully, jostling jumping in time Desiring for daydreams on loftier lines. All too soon the fun will cease As the birth of night gives way to sleep The skies playground gives way to stars As sheets become what they were created for. So, sail up high capture the…

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    4 Steps to Rid Yourself of Fear-Chatter

    Letting Truth Take Hold  In previous weeks we have learned about the debilitating effects of attending to fear-chatter. Take heart my friend!  Through the truth of God’s Word, we CAN rid ourselves of fear-chatter. If you haven’t joined the conversation yet; check out our first dialog at   And the second at This is the final posting in a three-part series. Ridding ourselves of fear-chatter takes work. As I have gone through the discipline of putting these steps into practice, I have seen how my desire to overcome fear-chatter can be easily thwarted. Be patient! It takes time; but in the end you will reap the blessing of learning…

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    Embraced Take me in your arms, Dear Father, Let me rest, safe in this place. Encompass me with endless mercy, Wrap me tight with love and grace.   Keep me from the weight of sorrow. Ever pressing down on me, Let me feel your safe, sweet harbor, Offer now this sweet reprieve.   Sustain my weary soul, blessed Savior. Restore my faith these trials have crushed, Remind me that you love me dearly, Soothe me with your tender touch.   Listen to my prayer, Lord Jesus I cry out, “Please rescue me!” Lest I falter in this journey, Turn my feet to follow thee.   Infuse my mind with your…

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    Fear-Chatter Continues

        As we spring courageously from the tip of fear we launch ourselves into a world of authenticity, truth and freedom. Risky but rewarding! Authentic living begins where the tip of fear ends! Linda Jane Dingeldein: Different by Design  Where fear ends-life begins He was a large, intimidating figure in contrast to my petite 15-year-old frame. The only teacher who taught the required math class I needed to graduate High School. As I entered the room the smell of fear still hung heavy, mingled with stale air from the previous class. I took my assigned seat, instantly coveting those who sat further toward the back. Startled, I looked up.…