Unveiling the Mask: Learning to live out of your God-given design

As women, fashion surrounds us. Whether it be a brand driven city like Paris, Hong Kong or New York, every woman is surrounded by local fashion influencers. Many say that it’s all about the attitude, the glamour, the sophistication, the confidence.

Namesake labels are everywhere producing quirky, fun, structured, classic clothing. Or there are signature lines for models, socialites or ordinary women who don’t want to compromise on style, where a simple name says it all.

Not only are we surrounded with local fashion influencers, we are also inundated with social media that screams at us to; drink this water, use this hair product, buy these health supplements, wear this make-up; all for a healthier more beautiful you!

Heart Questions:

Yet still, with these outward messages and influences tugging at us from every direction; woman continue to ask the same age-old heart questions. “Who am I?” “How do I fit in?” “Do I measure up?” “Does being smart count, or do I have to be beautiful too?” or, “Does being beautiful count, or do I have to be smart too?”

If you are a more mature woman, you may be asking; “What value do I have? My children are grown, and my outward beauty is fading?” “Does wisdom count for something, or does life only value those who have endless energy and vitality? If this is true, is there a place for me to just be who I am?”

As Christian woman, no matter our age or calling, we all have our own Fashion Designer. In fact, our Fashion Designer created us in His likeness, in His image; out of a creative heart of holiness, perfection and love.

Our Fashion Designer created us to be Different by Design, with an intentional uniqueness. Yet, this was all done for a very special purpose. As women, each of us are a particularly remarkable part of God’s plan, and His Gospel story.

Yet, despite the knowledge of who our Creator is, we struggle to accept the heavenly Artisan’s design. We deface His masterpiece, with humanly crafted masks and elaborate disguises, masquerading as someone we were never intended to be; all to gain the applause and approval of others.


Welcome to Linda Jane Dingeldein: Different by Design. Whether you have opened this blog intentionally, or casually happened upon it… “Welcome!”

This blog is designed to encourage, inspire, and challenge women from around the world; to embrace, and live out of their God-given uniqueness.

Through honesty and transparency, it is my desire to communicate how to live authentically, in an age where hiding our true-selves behind masks is the norm.

It is my desire, to purposefully challenge women to live freely as God designed them to be; and urge us all, to courageously choose to remove our masks that cover fear, shame, victimization and pretense.

It is my hope, that you will join this community of women who will journey together from all walks of life. I invite you to step into the conversation, as we learn together to live out of our true selves.

It is my prayer, that each of us will learn to live transparently and truthfully out of our God-created uniqueness. As authentic women, who are Different by Design.

Linda Jane Dingeldein: Different by Design, honors the women of Bali, Indonesia who practice the ancient art of batik to create unique, intricate and elaborate designs; using wax-resist dying.