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    Social Distancing: Beginning with the end in mind

    Part One: As I begin week two of living in isolation and keeping appropriate social distancing, I have come to the realization that I must stop spending excessive amounts of time on social media, stop looking around every corner for chocolate, and get up and move! I am a self-proclaimed procrastinator and a self-declared list person. I go to sleep with a list and wake up to a list. Because of my ADD tendencies I like to do things in small doable check boxes. I often set my phone alarm for 15 minutes and try to accomplish the next thing on my list. Of course, the best part for me,…

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    Sheets Set Sail

    Sheets set sail                                                                                                 in springs early morn Soaring, snapping with the rhythm of the wind Playfully, jostling jumping in time Desiring for daydreams on loftier lines. All too soon the fun will cease As the birth of night gives way to sleep The skies playground gives way to stars As sheets become what they were created for. So, sail up high capture the…