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    The Fear Of Imperfection

    My mind’s eye can see what I want. My heart knows what will make something look picture-perfect. Is this perfectionism or striving towards excellence? Separating perfectionism from excellence:  Lately I have been seeking the answer to this question: “What is the difference between perfectionism, or striving towards excellence in my work?” As I have churned this question over in my mind, like shells tumbling in the rolling tide, I have begun to see a clarifying difference that separates these two thoughts.  As I took a discovering look at myself, I realized, that there are times that the motive for my work stems from a deep-rooted need to gain value, acceptance…

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    Children of the Philippines

    The journey is never long when you take it with a friend!   Over the past 37 years I have taken many a journey with my husband and best friend.   After years of traveling together and patiently watching Joel take all the pictures, I finally asked for my own camera.   I remember the request well. We were walking through the crowded streets of Chengdu, China and my eyes longed to capture everything I was seeing. It was then, I finally decided, that no one should ever have to share a camera!   That Christmas under the tree was a beautiful, red Canon camera. It was that Christmas and…