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    Tunneling into worship

    Paving the way for hope Have you ever wondered how God could take the good, the hard, and the impossible surprises in your life and use them to infuse hope in the life of someone who is journeying through a hard situation? For hope to rise to the top of any difficulty, we need to know that God is fully present, and will remain wholly faithful in every situation we step into and journey through. Hope in Christ gives us not only the desire for an expected end; but the assurance that God will use everything we have gone through, and everything we will go through for His glory and…

  • flowers on a mountain


    Embraced Take me in your arms, Dear Father, Let me rest, safe in this place. Encompass me with endless mercy, Wrap me tight with love and grace.   Keep me from the weight of sorrow. Ever pressing down on me, Let me feel your safe, sweet harbor, Offer now this sweet reprieve.   Sustain my weary soul, blessed Savior. Restore my faith these trials have crushed, Remind me that you love me dearly, Soothe me with your tender touch.   Listen to my prayer, Lord Jesus I cry out, “Please rescue me!” Lest I falter in this journey, Turn my feet to follow thee.   Infuse my mind with your…