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    Letting Go of My Own Understanding

    Limitations Lately I have been struggling with a body that seems trapped. I long for freedom of body and mind. To journey life by going after my passion, without the limitations of being physically and emotionally exhausted. To accomplish what I have been gifted to do, with out constraint. In the face of a medical procedure and Covid, I have been consistently fatigued in body and mind. I don’t know about you, but when I get physically fatigued, I often find my mind in turmoil. How easy it can spin out of control! Casting shadows of doubt on the One who I know loves me unconditionally, and the One who…

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    The Broken Bless

      Over the past seven years I have found myself bruised, broken, torn, bewildered, lonely, facing no answer to medical concerns, blanketed with the weight of depression, laying in a hospital bed undergoing back surgery in a foreign country, bombarded with panic attacks, gaining weight despite a healthful diet plan and 2 hour work-outs at the gym, getting the news that my mother had a heart attack and I was too far away to hold her hand or be present by her hospital bed, hearing the news that my son would not be released from prison- yet again, watching my husband bear the load of watching me have seizures on…

  • flowers on a mountain


    Embraced Take me in your arms, Dear Father, Let me rest, safe in this place. Encompass me with endless mercy, Wrap me tight with love and grace.   Keep me from the weight of sorrow. Ever pressing down on me, Let me feel your safe, sweet harbor, Offer now this sweet reprieve.   Sustain my weary soul, blessed Savior. Restore my faith these trials have crushed, Remind me that you love me dearly, Soothe me with your tender touch.   Listen to my prayer, Lord Jesus I cry out, “Please rescue me!” Lest I falter in this journey, Turn my feet to follow thee.   Infuse my mind with your…