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    Children of the Philippines

    The journey is never long when you take it with a friend!   Over the past 37 years I have taken many a journey with my husband and best friend.   After years of traveling together and patiently watching Joel take all the pictures, I finally asked for my own camera.   I remember the request well. We were walking through the crowded streets of Chengdu, China and my eyes longed to capture everything I was seeing. It was then, I finally decided, that no one should ever have to share a camera!   That Christmas under the tree was a beautiful, red Canon camera. It was that Christmas and…

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    Stop the Masquerade: Unveil the Masks

       “Be yourself; everyone else is taken.” Oscar Wilde  Unveiling the Masks By continuously covering up God’s good and perfect design, we are shouting out the message; “God, your masterpiece is not good enough.” “God. You messed up when you made me!” As Christ followers I don’t think any of us would really believe that message; yet we subconsciously say it when we masquerade as something we were never meant to be, in order, to gain the appeal and approval of others.  “For we are God’s masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago.” Ephesians 2:10…

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    Fake, Fraud or Real: Personal Mask Assessment

      Hidden Identity:  During my elementary years my mother and I would often take trips to our local Salvation Army. It was always a highlight for me to get away from our country home and spend the day in our small city; as bargain hunting at a thrift store was one of my favorite activities. I loved to leisurely browse the racks for a new outfit, a great book title, a fun handbag or a new-to-me pair of shoes. Until one day, as I was engrossed in looking through the over stocked isles of used clothing, shoes and books; my eyes spotted another classmate. As our eyes locked, I was…

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    Learning to Live Out of Our True Selves  

      As I step softly into this new year many questions have already begun to occupy my mind. What keeps me from living freely out of my unique, God-created design? What paralyzes me from living out of my true, authentic self? What has me repeatedly running to others to earn validation, applause and approval? “The greatest battle we face as human beings is the battle to protect our true selves from the self the world wants us to become.” E.E. Cummings  Living Out of Our True Self:   The true self are those parts of you that are authentic, and flow from living out of the true identify you have…

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    The Giver of Hope Has Come!

    Ever so slowly the slightest hint of hopelessness rises, you wonder where it comes from as it tempts to break the surface of this peaceful Christmas season. Amid “all is calm – all is bright” thin slivers of loss threaten to destroy this Christmas cheer. Making Sense of the “Not-Yets” Lately I have found my soul arguing with itself. There are many impossible situations in my life that I just can’t figure out. Every once-in-awhile, a sneak attack slips in right between  “silent night-holy night” and the words “sleep in heavenly peace” and I find myself in turmoil wondering what I will do with what has not-yet-come. The future! Then I…

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    Industrious Women of Bangkok, Thailand

    The word industrious speaks for itself as one looks at the women of Bangkok, Thailand. From the art of sewing, the hard work of raising and selling produce, to the beauty in flower arranging they work with great diligence. The working women of Bangkok, Thailand perform the simplest tasks in their everyday work; yet to the tourist they are the creators of art. Whether it be fabric and thread, the colorful arrangement of local blooms, or a street cart filled with tropical fruit, the work of these hard-working women will delight any onlooker. For many, industry is a lost art; but here in Bangkok, Thailand it can be seen on…